Our Products

Our products have a philosophy and a character.

Our philosophy is to use materials provided richly by Greek nature: wild fruits like figs, mulberries or cherry plums, fruits of our gardens and orchards like apricots, plums or watermelons. We give them character with traditional ingredients like rosemary, mahleb or mastic.

Glasses with 212 ml and 40 ml available

  • Fig with Rosemary

    Ingredients: 63% fruit (74% figs, 19% apple, 3% orange, 2% lemon), sugar, rosemary

    It is the taste of August in Greece. The heavy sweetness of the figs contrasts with the nostalgic bitterness of rosemary.
  • Apricot with Pistachios

    Ingredients: Fruit content 63% (95% apricot, 5% lemon), sugar, pistachios (3%), rosewater

    The tastiest apricots are not of an official named variety, but of the tree planted by the grandfathers in their orchard. And we recognize them! Their fine aristocratic flavour is complemented by pistachios and rosewater.
  • Cherry plum with Chili

    Ingredients: fruit content 65% (95% cherry plum, 5% lemon), sugar, fruit pectin, chili flakes (0,4%)

    Cherry plum trees grow everywhere, along the rivers of the Kopais and at the Springs of the Graces. The fruit is slightly neglected, but with a few chili flakes it enrolls its fresh flavor.
  • Mulberries with Mastic

    Ingredients: fruit content 68% (94% white mulberries, 6% lemon), sugar, mastic (0,5%)

    Τhe best mulberry trees grow on Kostas’ fields. The white mulberries are very rich in potassium and other micronutrients, so they count as “superfood” – and the traditional mastic improves them even more.

  • Peach with Mahleb

    Ingredients: fruit content 68% (94% peach, 6% lemon), sugar, mahleb (0,4%)

    The peaches we gather in the abandoned orchard of Uncle Mitsos are small, red and very aromatic. The mahleb, which are the seeds of the mahaleb cherry, give them an exotic touch.
  • Plum with Red Wine

    Ingredients: 62% fruit (97% plums, 3% lemon), sugar, red wine Ayoryitiko, pectin

    A melancholic autumn taste filled up by the last harvest.
  • Water melon with White Wine

    Ingredients: 45% fruit (93% water melon, 7% lemon) white wine Moshofilero, sugar, pectin

    The most common summer fruit, combined with the flavor of white wine, offers a cool taste for hot days.
  • Tangerine

    Ingredients: 65% fruit (95% tangerines, 5% lemon), sugar

    The real tangerine (“tangerine of Chios”) is small and has a lot of pips, but a unique and intensive flavor, based on essential oils. We gather the tangerines not far from home, in our gardens.

  • Pomegranate with myrtleberries

    Ingredients: 62% fruit (94% pomegranate, 5% myrtleberries, 1% lemon), sugar, pectin from fruits

    Pomegranate is used in many customs, but even since ancient days it is considered as medicine, i.e. against cardiovascular diseases. And this is the same with the myrtle. Pomegranate trees grow everywhere, especially around the deserted houses…
  • Homemade liqueur with acacia blossom

    White rum, natural extract from acacia blossoms, honey.
    37,5% vol.

    We find the acacias at the Three Graces’ Spring. The result is a liqueur like the Graces: with a delicate flavor of blossoms and honey.
  • Homemade liqueur with elderberry blossom

    Vodka, natural extract from elderberry blossoms, sugar.
    37,5% vol.

    The “Mayis”, as we call it as it is in flower during May, is a remedy for cough and fever. In this form with its characteristic vernal flavour it is as well a remedy against a bad mood.
  • Homemade liqueur with bitter orange blossom

    Vodka, natural extract from bitter orange blossoms, sugar.
    37,5% vol.

    The bitter orange endures the rough climate of our lowlands. The gorgeous blossom flavour in combination with the light bitterness of the citrus fruits makes the liqueur an ideal digestive.

  • Homemade liqueur with myrtle blossom

    Tsipouro, natural extract from myrtle blossoms, sugar.
    37,5% vol.

    We find the myrtle trees, which are dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite, at the hillside of the Elikona mountain. The stiff taste of the leaves together with the pleasing flavour of the blossoms create an excellent aperitif.

  • Vinegar flavoured with elderberry blossom

    Vinegar from white wine (acidity 6%), natural elderberry blossom extract, sugar.

    The characteristic floral flavour of the elderberry blossom ideally completes all fresh green salads and salads with avocado.
  • Vinegar flavoured with acacia blossom

    Vinegar from white wine (acidity 6%), natural acacia blossom extract, honey.

    The delicate honey flavor of the acacia blossom fits with a wide variety of salads, especially with cheese.
  • Vinegar flavoured with pomegranate

    Vinegar from white wine (acidity 6%), natural pomegranate extract, sugar, salt.

    The very special taste of pomegranate offers colour and a little sweet flavor to salads with dried tomatoes and fruits like pomegranate or cranberry.